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Interface (supplement)



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Advertising desk and car chargers.


  • Classic

    Classic desk and car chargers.

    The Classic line includes standard chargers for mobile devices on which we will apply your logo.

  • Unusual shape

    Custom shaped chargers.

    Desktop, car and other unusual chargers.

  • Eco

    Chargers with housings made of ecological, biodegradable materials.

    We have made the Eco cases of advertising Chargers from bioplastic, cardboard, natural or other recycled materials.

    Polylactide (PLA), cardboard and wood are easily biodegradable materials.

    PLA, i.e. Polylactide (polylactic acid), is a fully biodegradable material, obtained from renewable raw materials, plants such as corn and sugar cane. PLA, like paper, decomposes quickly, in about 15 months, without harming the environment.

  • Mini

    Small, compact advertising chargers.

    Mini Chargers are a practical gadget that will be useful in every office.

  • Premium

    Premium chargers.

    Unique devices for charging phones, tablets and other electronics.

    Premium is a line of chargers with a unique design.

  • Plastic

    Plastic chargers.

    Devices for charging electronics, whose housings are made of plastic, including ABS, PVC, silicone, and also PLA (bioplastic).

  • Plastic - Metal

    Plastic - metal chargers for electronics.

    The housing of these chargers has been finished with metal inserts that add elegance.

  • Metal

    Metal advertising chargers.

    Chargers for electronic devices made of aluminum, steel or other alloys, chargers for electronic devices.

  • Wooden

    Chargers made of wood.

    Chargers for electronic devices in housings made of wood.

    Wood is a natural and renewable material, and wooden chargers are interesting ECO promotional gifts.

  • Leather

    Elegant leather - trimmed chargers.

    Leather advertising chargers are a unique gift.

  • Jewelry

    Advertising chargers finished with exclusive jewelery materials.

    Electronics charging devices finished with crystals, metals and precious materials are an exclusive advertising gadget.

  • Textile

    Advertising Chargers finished with fabric.

    The canvas-trimmed Chargers are a pleasant to the touch and useful promotional gift.

  • Glass

    Glass chargers for phones, tablets and other devices.

    Chargers made of acrylic (plexiglass) or crystal glass.

    The transparent housing is an effective solution that, together with the possibility of charging electronics, create a unique and practical advertising gadget.

  • Other materials

    Chargers made of other, non-standard materials.

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