Power Banks categorized by type, shape and housing materials.

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  • Classic

    Classic power banks.

  • Unusual shape

    Other, unusual types of power banks.

  • Eco

    Powerbanks with casings made of ecological, biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly.

    The Eco Power enclosures of advertising banks are made of bioplastic, natural or other recycled materials.

    Polylactide (PLA) and wood are readily biodegradable materials.

    PLA, Polylactide (polylactic acid), is a fully biodegradable material, obtained from renewable raw materials, plants such as corn and sugar cane. PLA, like paper, decomposes quickly, in about 15 months, without harming the environment.

  • Mini

    Small advertising Power Banks with a compact design.

    Mini Power Banks are small portable batteries, used to charge phones and other devices outside the home or office.

    These small and lightweight energy banks will easily fit into a jacket or suit pocket without stuffing them, and if necessary, help keep Your smartphone or tablet working for a few extra hours.

  • Premium

    Premium advertising Power Banks.

    Elegant powerbanks made of sensational materials or our patterns reserved.

    The Premium line consists of exclusive advertising products that will surprise you not only with fantastic materials, but also with a unique form.

    These portable batteries will create the desired WOW effect for promotional gadgets.

  • Plastic

    Plastic power banks.

  • Plastic - Metal

    Plastic and metal power banks.

  • Metal

    Metal power banks.

  • Wooden

    Wooden power banks.

  • Leather

    Leather power banks.

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry power banks.

  • Textile

    Fabric finished power banks.

  • Glass

    Advertising power banks with casings made of glass.

    A glass power bank, in particular crystal glass, is an elegant, exclusive promotional gift.

  • Other materials

    Power banks made of unusual materials.

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